The Home of Calligrapher Ylva Skarp

, , , , By Catherine

This house is right up my alley! It has a monochrome color palette pared with lots of wood, spacious rooms, lots of natural light, a unique and personal décor, and a lot of gorgeous artwork made by the home owner herself, calligrapher Ylva Skarp. I also like that the interior is a mix of styles, from Scandinavian and rustic to industrial and modern. What about you?

If you like this place, check it out decorated for Christmas – Lovely!

Ylva-Skarp-Home02 Ylva-Skarp-Home03 Ylva-Skarp-Home04 Ylva-Skarp-Home05 Ylva-Skarp-Home06 Ylva-Skarp-Home07

 Photos: Kristofer Johnsso via Residence magazine



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