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Here’s another trend that has been increasingly popular for a little while now: Woven cane.

Since last year, I’ve spotted a lot of furniture with this natural material in several home tours featured on the site. Many of them look like fab vintage finds, but young designers are using this technique for contemporary pieces. Woven cane has a great classic look, and it doesn’t seem to be a fad that will pass – It is here to stay!

You can see my inspiration gallery for woven cane here.

Below, I’ve selected 15 finds with woven cane and/or with the trendy pattern. What is your favourite piece?

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Find them here:

1. Air Sideboard | 2. Targa lounge chair 3. 529 Rio Table | 4. Morris Chair 5. Cesca Chair | 6. Klara armchair | 7. Hideout lounge chair 8. Armoire 9. Colony chair 10. Bernardes Bench | 11. Pendant lamp | 12. Cannage rug | 13. Straw Closet | 14. Allegory Desk | 15. 210 R Thonet chair

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