Minimalist Residence in Stockholm by Kolman Boye

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I just stumbled across these pictures! Pretty great, right?
This new Stockholm home was designed by the firm Kolman Boye. Talented Myrica Bergqvist furnished and styled this beautiful home for Residence Magazine. The minimalist look is perfectly suited for the sleek and simple lines of the building. Lovely!


Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-01 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-02 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-03 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-04 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-05 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-06 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-07 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-08Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-10 Minimalist-Residence-in-Stockholm-by-Kolman-Boye-09


Photos: Åke E:son Lindman



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