Tour a Bright Swedish Apartment with a Minimalistic Feel

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This place is a good example of ‘less is more’, and a simple approach to interior design. It is very bright, with its white walls and light pine wood floors, creating a great blank canvas for the numerous artwork. A few pop of colors here and there, like the lovely blue Thonet armchair, add interest and character.

Such uncluttered home with pared-back look is oh so stylish. Fuss-free, pared back and edited aesthetic – It inspires a sense of calm.

I like the beautiful simplicity of the kitchen – very lagom (a Swedish work for “not too little, not too much; just right”).

Noticed the caramel tones in the bedroom? It’s a trend I’ve been spotting lately. You’ll see more and more of this, I am sure of that.

Also, look at the creative solution for the closet: A hanging curtain rail with flowy fabric hides the clothing and provides a lovely divider for the space. Clever!



Photos: Alvhem



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  1. elise
    20 Sep 2017 / 03:21

    Do you know the supplier ot maker of the kitchen?
    Thank you!

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