Discover the Work of Reeta Ek, Finland’s Young Designer of the Year 2017

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Helsinki-based textile designer Reeta Ek is Finland’s latest rising star; She just won the Young Designer of the Year 2017 award from Design Forum for her fresh, distinctive hand drawn and painted patterns.

She has a unique approach to her craft, unlike the usual way of looking at textile design: “Instead of repeating elements, I started to look at the compositions more like art pieces,” she says. “I wanted to find some kind of formula for my working process — one that, in the future, would help me to face the inevitable fear of blank paper.” – Source

This out of the box thinking proved to be successful – She published her painted compositions in a book; she exhibited her work at the Milan Furniture Fair last year; she has worked for brands such as Marimekko, Lapuan Kankurit, Nanso and Samuji; and she created a print series that can be purchased here. Her beautiful compositions look totally awesome on clothing, too. Check out her portfolio to see some examples. Finally, I also came across her collection of wallpaper sold by Feathr.



More about Reeta Ek:

“Reeta Ek (b.1979) is an artist, who has studied for a Master’s degree in textile art at Aalto University in Helsinki. She has worked as a textile designer for companies like Marimekko, Nanso and Lapuan Kankurit. Ek finds inspiration for her work from things in everyday life, rhythm and colors. According to Ek: ”Good ideas are often born in the morning by a cup of coffee and browsing the newspaper. However, you can’t sit down and wait for the inspiration to come, but it evolves and grows by doing, and also through mistakes.” – Source



Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen (for Fab Magazine)





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