Tour A Serene And Refined Stockholm Apartment

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The herringbone parquet floors, the high ceilings with detailed crown moldings, the high baseboard, the deep window sills, and stained glass… With these gorgeous classic features, this 860 sqft / 80 sqm apartment in Stockholm packs character and refinement.

It was beautifully renovated, and the contrast between old and new struck a chord.

I am loving the sleek kitchen with the marble worktop, which adds texture and visual interest. The hints of brass and muted yellow accents complement the soft neutral color palette perfectly.

The whole look is harmonious and calming, with a timeless Scandinavian aesthetic.

Styling: Josefin Haag

Photos: Emma Jonsson Dysell / Fantastic Frank


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  1. Eleanor Mitchell
    31 Mar 2021 / 15:04

    This is a gorgeous apartment. I love everything about it. But I don’t understand how people can have bedroom windows without any shades, blinds or curtains, especially when they are opposite and not that far from other buildings. Am I not seeing something?

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