Top Picks: Scandinavian Rattan Furniture and Home Accessories

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With the craze for anything with cane in the last few years, it was only a matter of time to see this interior design trend reach its natural state: Rattan.

Because cane is actually made from rattan; a tropical palm tree used for its strong wood. Similar to bamboo, it is very durable despite being flexible and lightweight. You get cane by peeling the skin off the rattan vine, making it a great wicker material for binding purposes.

Rattan was long associated with your grandma’s 1960s untouched decor or Tahitian beach resorts. But not anymore! We’ve noticed an important uptick in rattan usage in interiors that are not necessarily vintage-inspired or country, but rather very contemporary.

While this material primarily grows in Southeast Asia’s rainforests, many Scandinavian brands are using it in their collections – ferm Living, Artek, Sika-Design, Gubi and Menu, to name a few. Iconic designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Eero Aarnio also created rattan furniture decades ago, and a few of their classics are being produced again.

We love how rattan adds warmth and texture to an interior. The key is to combine it with modern shapes to balance it out, to create the perfect “old meets new” look.

Here, we are rounding up our favorite furniture and home accessories that might just convince you to embrace the rattan revival.

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Find them here:
  1. Ulriksberg chair, IKEA
  2. Tangelo lampshade, Sika-Design
  3. Daybed, Bloomingville
  4. Tynell 9602 floor lamp, Gubi
  5. Mirror, Sika-Design
  6. Carpet beater, Parolan Rottinki
  7. Lounge chair and pouf, Sika-Design
  8. Stool, Eero Aarnio Originals
  9. Hanging basket, HM Home
  10. Aalto tea trolley, Artek
  11. Paris exterior lounge chair, Sika-Design
  12. Basket with lid, Bloomingville
  13. Table lamp, Globen Lighting
  14. Candleholder, Menu
  15. Apple basket, ferm LIVING
  16. Chair, Eero Aarnio Originals
  17. Delaktig headboard, IKEA
  18. Wall hanger, Bloomingville
  19. Tjillevips basket, IKEA
  20. Branaes laundry basket, IKEA
  21. XL pendant lamp, Golden Lighting
  22. Rika armchair, House Doctor
  23. Serving cart, IKEA
  24. Wall decoration, Bloomingville


Photo: Sika-Design




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