Timo Niskanen

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Finnish Timo Niskanen is co-founder of- and designer at design consultancy Aimo Design. He is especially interested in human behaviour and specifically how it can take acount in design process. Before founding Aimo in 2010, he worked as a designer in a Finnish lighting company, and his portfolio consists mainly of unique and contemporary luminaires.

Highly inspired by nature and sustainability, he created ‘Change’ – A coin deposit lamp designed for public spaces like libraries to encourage people to turn lights off when leaving the desk. Clever!

“We are surrounded with complicated and unnecessary things. I think a good product feels natural – it only bears the essential. A good designer creates an experience out of something simple and functional. An experience that is meaningful.” – Timo Niskanen

Below you can view images of other lamps he designed.

Thanks to Steffi for tipping us off about Timo Niskanen!

Photos: Timo Niskanen


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