Inspiring Small Loft Styled by Pella Hedeby

, , , , , , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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This beautiful apartment was styled by Pella Hedeby, and the place clearly has the talented Swedish lady’s signature. It has a serene and restrained color palette, and the look is minimal, but not too much. It’s still warm, cozy and casual, thanks to the mix of textures and wooden accents.

She succeeded in creating a beautiful space that feels luxurious despite its 30 square meters. Well done!



Inspiring-Small-Loft-Styled-by-Pella-Hedeby-02 Inspiring-Small-Loft-Styled-by-Pella-Hedeby-03 Inspiring-Small-Loft-Styled-by-Pella-Hedeby-04 Inspiring-Small-Loft-Styled-by-Pella-Hedeby-05


Styling: Pella Hedeby
Photos: Sara Medina Lind for Lenca Properties



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