The pretty home of Maude Arsenault from The Print Atelier

, , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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I’ve featured Maude Arsenault on the blog in the past. She founded The Print Atelier, an impressive gallery featuring the work of fantastic artists – It is THE place to go for stunning photography art. She is a fan of Nordic Design, and has been a sponsor for a while now, as well as a member of my Shop Directory.

I was really pleased to find a tour of her lovely Montreal home in the latest issue of Décor Mag. She lives in this beautifully renovated house with her partner and three children.

The interior is luminous, and has plenty of original features and historical charm. I like the natural tones and textures used throughout the house. It is stylish and elegant. And unsurprisingly, the walls are decorated with some great pieces from Maude’s art collection.

Keep scrolling for the full tour.


Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-10 Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-03 Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-06 Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-07
Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-05Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-15Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-04 Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-09
Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-08Home-of-Maude-Arsenault Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-12Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-11
Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-13 Home-of-Maude-Arsenault-14
Photos: Angus McRitchie for Décor Mag


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