The New Lines Collection by ferm LIVING

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Danish brand ferm LIVING just revealed it’s New Lines collection. It’s all about telling a strong and colourful story with simple and decorative lines. You’ll find gorgeous aprons, nesting tables, textured cushions, a sofa and a daybed, a fantastic new wallpaper, and much more!

“Everyday life is full of lines. In the stories we share, from the old sagas to modern life anecdotes, the story lines define the course of the plot. At ferm LIVING our design language is also full of lines – all telling a distinct story with a focus on simple aesthetics.This collection is a strong and colourful story with simple and decorative lines. Filled with well-crafted design and honest materials. We are constantly creating new lines and telling new stories.” – ferm LIVING

As always, ferm LIVING delivers well-crafted design and honest materials; a collection with a lovely color palette, simple aesthetics and clean shapes, as well as inspiring pictures to display their latest products. Here’s a selection below. For more beautiful imagery, have a look at the New Lines catalog.


Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-02 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-03 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-04 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-05 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-06 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-07 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-08 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-09 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-10 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-12 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-13 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-14 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-15 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-16 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-17 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-18 Ferm-Living-New-Lines-Collection-110

Photos: ferm LIVING



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  1. Jason | HouseBlended
    12 Aug 2015 / 14:40

    Beautiful new collection… The design simplicity really allows the quality of the construction and materials to shine through.

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