The Home of the Berzant Family

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Hanne Berzant is the creative minds behind By Nord. She and her husband founded the label in 2008, and it has rapidly become a huge success. We had the pleasure to meet them recently at the Formland fair in Denmark, where they presented their latest collection -Simply gorgeous!

We were delighted to come across these lovely pictures of their home in Copenhagen. It is light and airy, with beautiful design pieces combined with By Nord’s own products. Enjoy!

Photos: Morten Holtum via by Nord’s Facebook page



  1. Toni
    7 Sep 2011 / 06:05

    Who lives in a house like this? It could only be Hanna Berzant absolute love her home xx

    • catherine
      11 Sep 2011 / 06:37

      It is lovely indeed! Looks so peaceful… Love it too! :)


  2. Michelle and Yasmine
    14 Sep 2011 / 21:11

    so Lovely and bright, Its given me lots of ideas for my own family home.

  3. Karin
    22 Sep 2011 / 03:32

    Loving this interior! Looks real nice.

  4. Ia Kutateladze
    23 Sep 2011 / 06:14

    I love this apartment! Wall paneling, the doors, the flooring. Everything is so simple but cozy at the same time. I’m renovating my own apartment right now, and definitely could use some of the details. My favorite is the bedroom!

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