Sort of Coal

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Danish Sort of Coal creates beautiful purifying products made with pure white charcoal and based on ancient Asian tradition and philosophy.

From  body soap to jewelry, Sort of Coal’s products provides benefits for air, water and body: Kuro Kube is handy to freshen your fridge; Hakutan regulates humidity and adsorbs odours; Bincho takes impurities out of your water and puts goodness in it instead; and Shiro Soap is smoothing and balance for sensitive skin. Click here to view their product range.

The mission of Sort of Coal is to provide a new understanding of the power and beauty of Asian Charcoal. They hope to reinvent the Western perception of purity, “where it does not attack our senses as with perfume and chemicals, but rather, awakes them.”

“We view White Charcoal with the same respect as the Japanese and Korean cultures, knowing that it has both infinite power and beauty. As we recognized that Charcoal was also used in our own culture for its absorbent and even medicinal properties, it inspired us to reintroduce Charcoal into our society as a purifying element, appealing to our senses both internally and externally, while serving as a gentle reminder to embrace what is natural and follow our innate human instincts.”

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