The Home of Swedish Interior Stylist Elin Kickén

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The home of stylist Elin Kickén in Gothenburg is for sale and, without any surprises, the 49 square meter apartment is very, very beautiful and decorated with taste.

Think Scandinavian monochrome interior with a twist; a black, white and grey color palette, with beige/sand accents that softens and warm up the look.

The dark walls add a dramatic touch and provide a fantastic backdrop for the furnishings as well as interesting contrasts.

The place feels cozy, thanks to the lush textiles and different textures.

There are so many great and inspiring details – I like how she styled the cabinet in the living room, and the lovely display of kitchenware. We’re definitely saving these ideas for future reference!




The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-02 The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-03 The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-04 The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-05
The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-06 The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-07 The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-08 The-Home-of-Swedish-Interior-Stylist-Elin-Kicken-09


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Photos: Alvhem Mäkleri



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