The Beautiful Home of World Travellers, Design Lovers and Art Aficionados

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Traveling, design and art: Three things I utterly enjoy, and cannot get enough of. So when I see a home like this, I’m immediately seduced.

First off, the place itself is a stunner – A 182-square-meter apartment from the early 1900s with impressive ceiling height of 3.2 meters, stunning herringbone parquet floors, and beautiful views of the Vasa Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.

But it is the style that caught my eyes. It is a truly unique and personal home, reflecting the life of its inhabitants. World wanderers, they brought back numerous mementos from around the world that they skillfully integrated into their contemporary interior. It is not an easy look to pull off, in my opinion: Too few travel relics can look out of place, while too many of them can make a place feel like a tacky souvenir shop…  Here, however, it looks just right. Carefully handpicked weaved baskets, masks, rugs, small statues and sculptures blend in beautifully with design icons such as Louis Poulsen’s Collage and LC Shutters pendant lamps, PK33 stools, a Nogouchi table, Eames Molded Plywood lounge chairs, Bestlite lamps by Gubi, as well as several Montana modules. With a clear passion for art, the owners have an impressive collection. The numerous paintings bring a nice touch of colours and complete the look in a beautiful, interesting way.

Editing is the key to this look. It’s all about carefully curating furnishings that you truly love, items gathered throughout the years with a story to tell, as well as investing in timeless design pieces.

Enjoy the tour below!

The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-01The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-02 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-03 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-04 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-05 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-06 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-07 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-08 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-09 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-10 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-11 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-13 The-Beautiful-Home-of-World-Travellers-Design-Lovers-and-Art-Aficionados-14


Photos: Alvhem



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