The stylish home of Joanna Laajisto

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I have some eye candy for you today! These fabulous pictures are from the elegant family home of Joanna Laajisto, a Finnish interior designer and her photographer husband Mikko Ryhänen. Joanna is known for her fine taste and great stylings, she has even been named as the most interesting Finnish interior designer at the moment. A good example of her decoration skills is their fashionable city home. The 1928’s apartment is located in the heart of Helsinki and was renovated entirely last year. And I have to say, the result looks pretty good to me, wow!

Photos: Mikko Ryhänen via Residence Magazine

The stylish city home of Joanna Laajisto_8

The stylish city home of Joanna Laajisto_7The stylish city home of Joanna Laajisto_6The stylish city home of Joanna Laajisto_4

The stylish city home of Joanna Laajisto_5


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