A Stylish 40-Square-Meter Home in Sweden

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This place might be small, but it’s big on style!

The 40-square-meter apartment is cosy, warm and decorated with taste. It has a functional layout, and even looks larger than what it is – Don’t you agree? The use of neutral colours is a great way to achieve this; Soft hues help make a space feel bigger. Furnishing it with only the essentials, especially with items that can be used for multiple purposes, is also a way to make the most out of a small space. And this home is a great example!


A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-01 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-02 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-03 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-04 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-05 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-06 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-07 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-08 A-Stylish-40-Square-Meter-Home-in-Sweden-09

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Photos: Bosthlm



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