Nærvær wine bar & restaurant by Norm Architects in Copenhagen

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Nærvær is the latest project by popular Danish practice Norm Architects, a wine bar and restaurant is perfectly located near the water in hip Christianshavn with a beautiful view of Copenhagen’s old city center.

The team succeeded to create an intimate, humble and casual interior with lots of character. The chic and industrial setting is filled with tactile materials, which add to the cozy feel of the place. We are loving the custom lighting by Norm Architects – Simply beautiful!

Strandgade 87c st.
1401 Copenhagen
+45 77 30 12 11

Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-04Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-02 Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-05Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-01Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-03 Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-06 Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-07 Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-08 Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-09 Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-10Naervaer-restaurant-by-Norm-Architects-in-Copenhagen-Nordicdesign-13


Photos: All by Norm Architects, except bottom image by Nærvær




    • 14 Jul 2017 / 18:37

      Hi Anders, I don’t believe they are available for purchase just yet – Hopefully soon!

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