Styling by Michelle Halford for Danish Brand BoConcept

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Michelle Halford from The Design Chaser recently styled the latest products from BoConcept – And she did a fantastic job!

She used the Danish brand’s new Carlton sofa, a beautiful and refined piece of furniture inspired by homes from the late 60s and early 70s. She also featured the versatile wall shelving system called The Copenhagen, which is totally customizable to your needs; different types of units and materials are available, so you can create a unique display and storage solution. Many other products such as the rug and coffee table are also from BoConcept.

We love that way Halford styled the bookshelf – We’re definitely pinning some pics for future reference! The gallery wall is also pretty nice; we can spot some artwork by Vee SpeersStudio Esinam and Silke Bonde.


Styling-by-Michelle-Halford-for-Danish-Brand-BoConcept-01 Styling-by-Michelle-Halford-for-Danish-Brand-BoConcept-02 Styling-by-Michelle-Halford-for-Danish-Brand-BoConcept-03 Styling-by-Michelle-Halford-for-Danish-Brand-BoConcept-04 Styling-by-Michelle-Halford-for-Danish-Brand-BoConcept-05

Styling & Photos: Michelle Halford for TDC


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