The Stunning Stockholm Home of Massimo Buster Minale

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Massimo Buster Minale is the founder of Buster + Punch, a home fashion label that started in a garage in East London. He just opened a a concept store in Stockholm, where he also found a home – And what a place it is!

Just like his products, this place has a cool, edgy, rock ‘n’ roll vibe and a classic elegance all at once. It also showcases lots of Buster + Punch’s light, switches, hardware – How great is this new Caged collection!?

There are many features that make this place outstanding. Notice the gorgeous rough sawn English oak floor and the matt black powder coated staircases. With its concrete tiles, teak cladding and steel-framed glass wall, the main bathroom is simply stunning. That pink daybed is such a fab accent, and adds an interesting and soft contrast. And hello, beautiful kitchen!

The walls are painted in Pavillion Grey on the main floor and Blue Grey in the master bedroom, both by Farrow & Ball.


Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-02 Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-04Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-03Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-01 Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-05Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-06 Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-10 Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-11Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-09Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-12Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-08Stockholm-Home-of-Massimo-Buster-Minale-13


Inspiring, right!? I’m definitely taking notes.


Architecture: Trigueiros
Styling: Scandinavian Homes
Photos: Adam Helbaoui


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