Student project: Fletta, a multifunctional table

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Designed by Guðrún Theodóra Alfreðsdóttir as a student project.

Flétta is a multifunctional table that can be easily transformed depending on space and needs. The table can easily be changed from dividing a workbench and a table nook to a large dining table.

“Nowadays tables are often used for more than just to sit down and eat at. Flétta can be divided in two with its middle, which is made of cork, thus creating a working space on one side and a space for enjoying dinner at the other side without having the day’s work in sight.

The table’s middle part can form an elevation, highlighting the value of both the dinner and the moment. If the table’s middle is flattened out, the table is further enlarged so that it can accommodate 10 people for dinner. Even when flattened out the table’s heart is clearly visible, highlighting the value of enjoying a meal with close one’s.”

Read more about the project here.




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  1. 20 Jun 2012 / 19:49

    This is one of the best use tables I’ve seen in a long time, thanks so much for posting!

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