Stockholm apartment with a generous palette of neutral hues

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This is yet another beautiful apartment styled by Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramse. Located in Stockholm, this place has a simple but distinctive character. It is tastefully decorated with a generous palette of neutral hues. Linen curtains, thick carpets, and soft sheepskins add a comfortable and homey feel.

I am a fan of the tan leather couch. It’s different than the usual grey or black sofas we see in many Nordic interiors. The nice gray shelves in the living room are from Hay. My favorite shot has to be the one with the dark grey wall. It’s stylish and chic, and I like how the natural tones add warmth. Lovely!

Photos: Sara Danielsson via Hitta Hem

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White-interior-with-soft-tones02 White-interior-with-soft-tones03
White-interior-with-soft-tones04 White-interior-with-soft-tones06
White-interior-with-soft-tones05 White-interior-with-soft-tones07





  1. 1 Dec 2014 / 17:50

    Wow! I agree with you Catherine, the coach is fabulous. It’s the centrepiece of the living room. I love it!

  2. tadhg von north
    5 Dec 2014 / 00:31

    this webpage frustrates me deeply — fantastic post but the only thing i can select is this comments box ?? Would appreciate it if this was addressed.

    • Catherine Lazure-Guinard
      5 Dec 2014 / 09:09

      We unfortunately had many issues with copycats in the past. This is a way to protect our content. If you need something specific, let me know: [email protected]

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