A Stunning Apartment with a Luxurious Décor

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I got some real eye candy for you today. I mean, check out this fantastic place!

Designed by Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramsethe interior is luxurious, stylish and oh so interesting! It has an uncommon but very interesting color scheme: a light pink hue matched with a dark gray and a few brown accents. The kitchen is by Vedum, and features a coffee brown worktop an backsplash paired with a nougat brown cabinet. The bedroom is dark, cozy and inviting. I like how Hedeby and Ramse succeeded in creating a consistent décor throughout the place, without being overly matched. Add to the mix beautiful furnishings, soft textiles and natural materials… Gorgeous, unique and sophisticated!


Hitta-Hem-13 Hitta-Hem-12 Hitta-Hem-11 Hitta-Hem-10 Hitta-Hem-09 Hitta-Hem-08 Hitta-Hem-06Hitta-Hem-05 Hitta-Hem-04 Hitta-Hem-03 Hitta-Hem-02 Hitta-Hem-01


Stylist: Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse
Photos: Kristofer Johnsson


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