Spacious Apartment with a Classic Palette and a Contemporary Twist

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Imagine living in a +200 sqm apartment in Sweden – What would the place look like? If you are in need of inspiration, take a look at this place!

Located in Helsingborg, on the east coast of Sweden, this spacious apartment has an abundance of natural light and great features. From the black-painted ceiling and walls (nice, right?) through the great design pieces on display, the house is crisp, airy and undeniably stylish.

It has a classic but contemporary palette; such monochromatic scheme has such a timeless appeal!

I’m also loving the understated elegance of the kitchen. Notice the wine cellar – Awesome!

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Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-02 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-03 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-04 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-05
Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-11Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg--06 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-07 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-08
Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-09 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-10Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-12 Spacious-Apartment-in-Helsingborg-13

Photos: Valvet


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