Sophisticated and Classic Apartment in Stockholm

, , , , By Catherine

This apartment in Stockholm is slightly more classy than what we usually feature on the site, but I thought it would be nice to show you a sleek and luxurious Nordic interior. The overall look is elegant, sophisticated and serene. I’m also loving the mouldings on the ceiling and wall paneling, as well as the greige paint color – It is clean, versatile and timeless like the usual all-white Scandinavian look, but deeper and more complex. And Aren’t those two antique fireplaces amazing? Wow.

Very chic!


Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-01 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-02 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-03 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-04 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-05 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-06 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-07 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-08 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-09 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-10 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-11 Classic-Stockholm-Apartment-12

Photos: Fantastic Frank


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