Handcrafted Lights by Danish Design Company Anour

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Last January, I visited Northmodern, Denmark’s latest design trade show, and it is where I’ve discovered with great enthusiasm the company Anour. Since then I’ve been obsessed with their stunning, minimalist and elegant LED light fixtures. I love their raw expression!

Arash Nourinejad is the creative mind behind Anour. He designed the model A_light, and made three versions catering to different needs and settings. Each piece is handcrafted from brass, copper, iron or aluminum.

Inspired by Denmark’s traditions of craftsmanship and driven by a desire to preserve this heritage, Nourinejad’s focus is on sustainability in design, production and technology.

Find out where to find the A_lights here.

Anour_A_Light-07Anour_A_Light-01 Anour_A_Light-02 Anour_A_Light-03 Anour_A_Light-04 Anour_A_Light-05 Anour_A_Light-06

Photos: Anour


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