Skandinavisk Introduces a New Collection of Multifunctional Vase Diffusers with Sustainability in Mind

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With sustainability and longevity in mind, Skandinavisk just launched a new collection of mouth-blown glass scent diffusers designed to be reusable and to fulfill more than their original purpose. Elegant, timeless, and multifunctional, they seamlessly transform into delicate vases so you can bring nature indoors.

“We really want to build products that people can see they have a valid function long after the fragrance has gone.” – Shaun Russell, founder of Skandinavisk

The new vase diffusers are part of the Escape collection, which includes these divine scents:

HEIA: Notes of heather and thyme, bearberry and leaf sap.
“Heia is Norwegian for ‘heathland’. Remote wilderness, primeval terrain, nourishment for the soul. The rough, exposed terrain in the higher altitude fells of Norway and Sweden offers a colorful home to hardy shrubs, wild herbs and berries, and fragrant hills of heather.”

LYSNING: Notes of mosses and lichens, pine needles and cloudberry.
“Lysning is Danish for ‘forest glade’. The dense boreal forest canopy occasionally reveals glades and clearings, hidden escapes where the sunlight touches the ground and the flora responds in abundance.”

ROSENHAVE: Notes of alba rose and elderflower, blackcurrant buds and lily of the valley.
“Rosenhave is Danish for ‘rose garden’. Nordic rose gardens are precious places, exposed to the raw climate only the hardiest varieties, and most careful owners can expect their fragile fragrance blushes to survive and prosper after the long, frozen winters.



“Our Escapes collection brings to life the Scandinavian passion for escaping into nature. A hike along a childhood trail, filled with remembrance of life’s journeys; a winding path deep into the forest to rest in a remote clearing; a corner of the land, tended carefully to nurture nature’s crown jewels. The quiet desires of the heart, searching for solitude and peace, carries Scandinavians to the free outdoors, where whistles of the wind whisper new inspiration, and a primal connection with the land is regained.”

Click here for more information on the new vase diffusers from Skandinavisk.

Photos: Skandinavisk



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