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We just came across this gorgeous brand, Skandinavisk. It was founded by “two English chaps, Shaun and Gerry, who fell in love with 2 blonde Scandinavian girls over a decade ago”, and who gradually fell in love with the Scandinavian way of life too.

Not only does it have a beautiful branding, but we also love Skandinavisk‘s story, philosophy and purpose.

“Scandinavians have this ability to create intimacy, fellowship and conviviality around everyday moments. The kind of everyday moment borne from the region’s exposure to extended cold and darkness and the need for people to come together, over centuries, around a source of heat and light. Its their ability to turn this rather functional need into an almost spiritual experience that sets Scandinavia apart – the magic of turning any situation into a moment of cosiness, especially those shared with friends and family around the illuminating glow of a flickering candle flame.”

“We believe the absolute essence of Scandinavian lifestyle is right here – in the colour, light and warmth of a flickering candle flame and a glow that not only burrows deep through the wax, but one which nourishes the soul too. “

“Because (Scandinavians) know that a candle makes any moment softer, more informal, more cosy. And they are the world’s happiest people, so we think that’s something worth sharing.” 

Skandinavisk’s candles are white and unscented, and they burn slow with a very deep glow.

The recipe was created over 50 years ago, near the Royal Palace in Copenhagen, to supply the churches of Denmark and has been in production by the same small family firm ever since. The candle is made from just 4 ingredients – vegetable stearin farmed sustainably from palm oil, snow-white blocks of refined German paraffin, organic non-pollinated Danish beeswax, and a 100% cotton wick. Each candle is hand poured into an individual mould, refilled several times to condense the wax and then left to set naturally. The special combination of ingredients and traditional method of production create a candle that burns very slowly, without dripping, and with a very deep glow through the candle body.

We strongly recommend you head over to their website & online shop, to ream more about the brand!

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