Renovated Farmhouse in Finland

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This is a beautiful home in Finland that underwent massive renovations (view all ‘before’ pics here). We love the final result! It’s rustic, but also modern. Nice to see the owners preserved some of the original features too.

Photos: Betina Hastoft  / Linnea Press via

Finnish-farmhouse-1 Finnish-farmhouse-2 Finnish-farmhouse-3 Finnish-farmhouse-4 Finnish-farmhouse-5 Finnish-farmhouse-6



  1. Michelle
    9 Sep 2014 / 17:11

    Please could someone let me know what was used to paint the floor white with a high gloss finish?

    • Catherine Lazure-Guinard
      9 Sep 2014 / 17:25

      My best guess: high gloss white paint. I recommend an oil-based paint for flooring.

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