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Modern and elegant, glass dome display cases are a reat way to display trinkets, souvenirs and other beautiful objects. Plus: they are very much in style at the moment!

Danish brand Eva Solo just introduced its Showcase, which is designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbaek from Tools Design. It has a flexible silicone base Ø 10 cm with stainless steel ring, and a 17 cm high glass dome. The base can actually hold objects that cannot stand up on their own.

Showcase also protects your favorite objects from dust and moisture. You can also use it as terrarium, or over dried flowers for a romantic look. Use your imagination – You can turn anything into a piece of art with such an elegant display!

“Does a frame have to be square, and must it always hand on a wall? Eva Solo Showcase turns the traditional frame on its head, and offers you endless possibilities for free creative expression.” – Eva Solo

Photos: Eva Solo