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All eyes are turned toward sustainable design at the moment. Green construction and building materials have become a huge part of the home improvement marketplace, a trend that will hopefully continue for many years to come. Another design trend that is related to recent green living trends is the increased use of re-purposed furniture and design accessories.

A solution proposed by several designers is cork. It is eco-friendly, versatile, and a renewable resource that can be recycled to make unique and interesting products for your home. Here, we’ve made a selection of our favorite cork products:

Cork pillow by Base212
The Danish brand creates its cushion using thinly sliced cork bark as fabric. It is very durable and actually has a great soft and supple feel. Available in two sizes: 56 x 56 cm or 33 x 50 cm

Salt & Peper by Normann Copenhagen
We love the simple and cool design of the 58’N Salt & Peper Shakers, which is made of cork with porcelain tops. The name actually comes from the latitude where Denmark and Norway meet. “As when boundaries meet, the meeting of two completely different materials is what makes the 58ºN which came into being in a coffee bar in Oslo.” Height: 9,6 cm Diameter: 4 cm

Cork coaster by FermLIVING
Sometimes simplicity is key. We love how these simple cork balls can make something as ordinary as a coaster so special. Each cork ball is 3 cm in diameter. Perfect for hot pots and pans. Size: 17 cm

Wine kit by Normann Copenhagen:
Warmth, proximity and humour are the essential features behind Wine Cork Pourer, designed by Aurélien Barbry. The expression is organic, the function clear. The source of inspiration was traditional wine production, in which cork was used to seal the bottle. Height: 75 cm

Lamps by Benjamin Hubert for Unique Copenhagen
London designer Benjamin Hubert presented his range of cork lamps for Danish design brand Unique Copenhagen at 100% Design last year. The lamps are hand-turned out of Portuguese agglomerate cork blocks. They are made from waste cork from the manufacture of wine stoppers. See the product process here. Large Ø 600mm, Medium Ø 400mm, Small Ø 200mm

Cork tray by FermLIVING
Also great as an alternative centerpiece or place mats, these serving trays are multifunctional. The trays can be wiped with a wet cloth – just in case you spill. Available in two sizes: 45 x 30 cm and 30 x 20 cm



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