Sepidar Hosseini

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With her prints, Sepidar Hosseini tries to formulate and reformulate the concept of Swedishness. Her patterns may look like Persian carpets at first glance, but they in fact comprise stylized Swedish icons: An intense red and green mosaic is made up of small red country houses, while Indian sun symbols are created from crayfish, hardbread and schnapps glasses.

Born to Iranian parents, the Konstfack graduate focused on how Swedish traditions collide with other cultures for her degree project. She recently presented her Degree Project with in a book (205×135 mm) and 6 wallpaper patterns. The stories in the book are extracts from a conversation between Hosseini and 17 people in her sourroundings. It tells personal stories about Sweden, based on various aspects of being Swedish in a globalized time.

What an interesting concept!

Photos: Sepidar Hosseini


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