A.O.CMS: For all and everyone

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A.O.CMS is a Swedish fashion label founded by Rodrigo Gutierrez Benavente in Stockholm 2006. He was trying to find a classic, high-quality T-shirt at a good price; he realized there was a gap in the market. With the help of top Stockholm creatives (Moses Voigt, the art director behind Acne Paper and perfume house Byredo‘s graphic identity; art/fashion photographer Frederik Skogkvist; and Martin Thomasson of creative consultancy Dossier Edit), the company was bound to great things.

His label manufactures basic cotton garments which serve to fulfill fundamental clothing needs. The collection of basics include neatly itting T-shirts, flattering tank tops, and comfy underwear, all in high-quality fabrics and subtle colors. The founder describe A.O.CMS as a “democratic brand that focuses on craftsmanship, simplicity and endurance,” suitable for “all and everyone.”

Photos: A.O.CMS


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