A Roundup of my Favourite Designer Table Lamps

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Confession: I am obsessed with lamps.

My eye is automatically drawn to them when I look at a home tour (like this one, for instance), and my wish list if filled with them.

When I treat myself to a new piece, it takes the center stage in my décor. With a sculptural shape, it contributes to the beautification of the space; it has a huge impact on the mood and ambiance of a room. It can induce a feeling of calm or have an invigorating effect; it adds warmth and an instant coziness factor; it changes the look of the place and brings it to life.

They are so many great designs out there, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Made with brass, stainless steel, marble, concrete, plastic, with opal shades or bare bulbs, with an eye-catching design or a more subtle style... The options are virtually endless, and it can be difficult to decide which one(s) to pick.

I've rounded up my favorite table lamps that any design fan should know, collect and/or keep forever. Admittedly, this is not a list for the budget-conscious; As I am a firm believer in buying less, but better, I am all about choosing quality products I know I'll love for a long time. It usually means I'll be cutting back lattes to save for that special piece. So rest assured my roundup includes timeless designs - So timeless in fact, some saw the light (no pun intended) as early as 1930 (#28), and they are still very much relevant and current. You'll also surely recognize some lamps that have been seen a lot in interiors featured on the site in the last months, such as the Taccia (#14), the Snoopy (#12) or the IC lights (#11 and #23).

On a desk, console, sideboard, nightstand, side table... these fantastic, stylish table lamps are totally worth it.

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