Romantic setting by Nathalie Schwer

, , , By Catherine

I just can’t get enough of Nathalie Schwer’s work! I found this lovely editorial in her portfolio, and it was too good not to share.

“I did this editorial for Elle Decoration Denmark. It is a french themed editorial where I tried to describe the feeling of a french woman in love. The beauty and self reflection of love, and the melancholy and loneliness that being in love entails also.” – Nathalie Schwer.

I love the idea of projecting an image on the wall as a decorative element and a great way to set a mood. Plus: It’s easily changeable! What do you think?

Photos: Line Thit Klein via Nathalie Schwer

Nathalie-Scwer-5 Nathalie-Scwer-4 Nathalie-Scwer-3 Nathalie-Scwer-2 Nathalie-Scwer-1


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