Mölle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson

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Talk about living in glass houses! Mölle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson, a joint operation between Swedish architects Johan Oscarson and Jonas Elding, is an amazing Y-shaped house located in a Swedish town called Mölle.

The fun-looking house has a ground floor made entirely of glass and a first floor made of timber. The glass walls offer shelter from strong winds without blocking the view, while the big windows on the first floor offer a view to all directions. The placement of different building materials makes the exterior look like it’s upside down with the heavier materials on the top and the lighter ones on the bottom.

The interior is quite charming too: modern and stylish decoration with a combination of bright colours and design pieces – Very nice!

I’m also loving the ingenuity of this house, its gorgeous concrete floors and the breath-taking views it offers.


Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_1

Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_5Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_33

Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_44

Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_77

Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_88

Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_99

Molle by the Sea by Elding Oscarson_122


Photos: Åke E:son Lindman / Elding Oscarson 



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  1. Chris Simpkins
    7 Jul 2014 / 21:36

    As usual, Classic Nordic design. Inspirational & classy. Thanks C.

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