Ridge Road Residence by Studio Four

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Located outside of Melbourne on a gently sloping site, this residence is composed of a series of split levels. It has an open-plan living area, with double-height windows providing gorgeous views of the surrounding nature and maximizing daylight. Blackened timber clads the exterior, making the house blend in beautifully with the landscape.

“We sought to create a quality of space that provides a sense of sanctuary, enclosure and comfort,” say the architects. “Emphasis was placed upon capturing the varying qualities of light, the scale and proportions of space, and providing a tangible connection with the building’s surrounds, both in topography and landscape.”

Stunning, right?

Photos: Shannon McGrath and Studio Four

Ridge-Road-residence_1 Ridge-Road-residence_2 Ridge-Road-residence_3 Ridge-Road-residence_4Ridge-Road-residence_5Ridge-Road-residence_9Ridge-Road-residence_8Ridge-Road-residence_7Ridge-Road-residence_6Ridge-Road-residence_12Ridge-Road-residence_11Ridge-Road-residence_10Ridge-Road-residence_13


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