Pure Norwegian

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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The Norwegian design shop Pur Norsk (meaning pure Norwegian) has for mission to promote the best of Norway’s design: Northern Lighting, Fjord Fiesta, Permafrost, Figgjo, Norstaal, Hive, Opp & Lek, Frost Produkt, Swim, Luxo and Moods of Norway, among others. All products in the store has a Norwegian foundation, idea, design or production.

One more MAJOR reason to go there: It has been named one of the five best interior design shops in the world by Monocle in 2008.

A ‘Must-See’ next time you are in Oslo!

Pur Norwegian AS
Therese Gate 14, 0452 Oslo
Phone: 22 46 40 45

Photo: PurNorsk


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