Prefab Dream

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The house’s symmetry, its airy interior filled with natural light, its simple lines and materials, as well as its beautiful suspended wood slat staircase… What’s not to love!?

The Plus House (model AH#001) was designed by young architect trio Mårten Claesson, Eero Koivisto and Ola Rune. This is a two-storey prefad available in 163, 187 or 232 square meters.

“Instead of windows positioned like regular ‘holes’ along the walls, entire sides are glazed. On the entrance floor both long walls are glazed. On the upper floor the gable ends are glazed. Seen in plan, these two lines of vision straight through the building are perpendicular like a plus sign” – Claesson, Koivisto and Rune.

Check out Dwell for an interesting reportage about a family’s experience of living in the Plus House (and more pictures!).

For more great design by Claesson Koivisto Rune, visit their website!

Photos: Dwell


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