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We’ve shown you her gorgeous house this summer AND in April, and now we are pleased to have feature her profile on Nordic Design: Maiju Seppälä, blogger of My 2nd hand life, from Finland. She definitely has an eye for details, and has a amazing style. Found out here what inspires her, where she likes to shop, and how it all started.

Tell us more about yourself:
I started blogging during my maternity leave in 2007. We had bought a new pocket camera and I started to take pics from our home. At the same time I discovered some Finnish and Swedish blogs, and I was instantly hooked with this ‘new’ kind of way of getting inspiration. I created my first blog site called Fru Skrot that was mostly about vintage furniture and flea market finds. I started My 2nd hand life in 2011 after I felt that my life and style had changed so much.

How would you describe your style?
With one word: changing. I love so many different styles and I’m constantly picking up new things that I mix and match with the things I already have. White walls and lots of (black) contrast is the overall basis in our home mixed with vintage furniture, flea market finds, some Ikea and colors here and there. I love playful effects, such as the old traffic light in our hallway!

Any special projects at the moment?
We just bought a summer cabin and it needs some fixing, but that’s something that will take many years. At home, the third bedroom is undergoing a change as we are expecting a second child in January. I have already repainted a crib from the 50’s and a wonderful closet for baby clothes and toys that my husband and even his father had when they were small!

Best thing about being a blogger:
Hmmm, this is difficult one, but maybe getting all that fantastic feedback that my readers give me every day! I’m a creative person, but at the moment I have a pretty ordinary and sometimes dull job, so blogging is my channel to express myself. It’s great to get response out of something that I really love doing!

Favorite season:
Spring, because it’s light and green everywhere. After a long winter people really long for spring in Finland :)

You, in three words:
Cheerful, creative, and dreamer ;)

What inspires you?
Co-bloggers that have their own style.

“I’m at my most creative when…”
I have extra time for myself.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
Nature in all its dimensions: spring, summer, autumn, winter… there is beauty in every season.

Favourite designer/artist:
I really don’t have any special one.

Best design piece you purchased?
Kay Bojesen’s wooden soldier for two euros from a flea market. Perhaps my best flea market find ;)

Best address-book secret/favourite shopping spot:
I like the Finnish webshop Konglomerat. Lots of fun stuff for kids.

On your wish list:
Light House lantern by Normann Copenhagen

What can’t you live without?
My family of course!

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
Midsummer festivities, when the sun does not go down at all at night! And eating Christmas dinner with the family.

Favorite travel spot:
Copenhagen, Denmark, for its flea markets, design and good atmosphere :)


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