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Hanne Louise Roe Andersen is a talented Fashion designer from Denmark. We recently featured her gorgeous home collection and amazing styling – Since then, we’ve been hooked. We wanted to know more about her; her inspiration, her ideals; her life. Here, she kindly agreed to answer some of our questions:

How did it all started?
I am educated clothes designer and have worked for many years in the home furnishing and interior design business. I see fashion and interiors as one and they have become a lifestyle for me.

How would you describe your style?
The ground elements in my style are that the items are aesthetic, good quality, functional, usable and I like to tell a story with my designs. Especially my photo prints often have some sort of story or symbolic. On top of that I like to play with balances between opposites like masculine/feminine – I like to blend leather with soft knitwear and prints of a full-blown cherry branch or a light feather with an overview of NYC’s massive buildings.

Favourite material to work with?
I like to work with natural materials like skin and wool. Right know I and working with cobber and I am looking forward to show my new designs in the fall.

Any special projects at the moment?
I am working with the elements in the city. Photos, materials, patterns and structure. The full collection will be presented in August.

What is your business philosophy/approach?
Keep it simple. I like to look ahead and up – be positive.

Best thing about being a designer:
To create and feel the freedom to do so.

You, in three words:
Creative, loving, refective

What inspires you?
Everything! It can be a picture, a feeling, a picnic, good friends and family. I am easily inspired.

“I’m at my most creative when…”:
I drive my car.

Best thing(s) about Scandinavia:
The cozy culture where you can wrap yourself in a blanket – have a good cup of coffee and enjoy the changing seasons.

Favourite designer:
My favorite designer at the moment is Tom Dixon. I find him very interesting and his designs are an inspiration to me.

On your wish list:
To win the lottery and develop my business

What can’t you live without?
Chaos–I have 4 kids aged from 7 to 16 years old.
My family and my black lambskin cushion

Scandinavian tradition(s) you love:
I like to bike around in Copenhagen and experience the vibrant city-life it has to offer.

Favorite travel spot:
I love Stockholm

You, in fve years:
Still designing and developing my brand.


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