Pokal Mustache & Pokal Lips

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Young Swedish designer Åsa Jungnelius showed once again her humorous side with her new cocktail glass for men, Pokal Mustache. This new piece is part of Åsa’s Make-Up collection for glassware manufacturer Kosta Boda.

Pokal Mustache also has a female version, Pokal Lips, which emphasizes the differences between men and women.

Åsa Jungnelius is fascinated by the way the value of an object is created and what it conveys about us and our world. She is continually challenging the establishment by questioning the structural norms of society. The resulting creations are razor sharp comments. Her art spans a wide spectrum, covering issues such as aesthetic hierarchies, fashion, shopping, decadence and construction of gender.

“Excess is beautiful. Behind every object, there’s a story. I love bling. The hard, shiny and cold surface of glass suits me.” – Åsa Jungnelius

Photos: Kosta Boda



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