Nanna Lagerman

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We happily discovered talented Interior Designer Nanna Lagerman in a recent spread in Elle Interiör. This gorgeous series was photographed by Philip Karlberg.

Light, bright, simple, warm, and with lovely details. Look at that ‘carpet’ made with tape – How creative!?

Photos: Philip Karlberg



  1. 27 Jul 2012 / 05:23

    Amazing house, would love to spend some time there. I admire how the Scandinavian architecture is able to create such a beautiful designs without actually decreasing the user’s comfort! All those modern houses look great in the pictures, but people would spoil it by living. Not this one, this one is made for people – and as a bonus looks great photographed!
    But I rather like the coffee table made with books and a box. I think an acutal capret would do a better job than the tape.
    Hope to live in such house in the future!
    RostiSto, What’s In The Box? blog

    • catherine
      3 Aug 2012 / 20:35

      I agree with you – This house looks like it was made to live in. Functionality and comfort are indeed at the core of good Scandinavian architecture/design.
      I love the personality of the place too!


      Nordic Design

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