Pi-no Pi-no vases by Maija Puoskari and Tuukka Tujula

, , , , By Erika Vierto

These beautiful, multicoloured and stackable glass vases are designed by Finnish designers Maija Puoskari and Tuukka Tujula. Their idea was to create a vase that was easy to modify to better fit your taste and the size of your bouquet – With Pi-no Pi-no you can make a pile of glass rings in different colours and sizes. Thanks to the wooden lid that comes with the vase, you can also use it for storage. Beautiful, creative and multifunctional, what’s not to love?

Photos: Riikka Kantinkoski, ImuDesign & Pinjacolada.com

Habitare Protoshop 2013

Pi-no Pi-no vases by Maija Puoskari and Tuukka Tujula_pinjacolada.com


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  1. rikke
    30 Jan 2014 / 02:02

    Super fresh!!

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