New Stylish High Chair by Stokke

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Leading Norwegian baby brand Stokke selected Permafrost for the task of designing its newest children’s seating system. The result is a highly versatile and user-friendly modular system that accommodates children’s seating needs from birth all the way through childhood.

The new products will be introduced alongside Stokke’s iconic Tripp Trapp chair, further strengthening Stokkes’s position as a leader in ergonomic children’s seating.

Named Stokke Steps, the new seating system consists of a baby bouncer that forms an infant recliner when attached to the chair; a toddler module that creates a safe and functional highchair; and the chair module itself with its versatile and adjustable construction.

The final design is the result of an extensive process of user testing and refinement, aiming to combine intuitive handling, user-friendly ergonomics and a visually appealing exterior. It is the perfect marriage between art and technology, employing modern day materials and an innovative construction to achieve a fundamentally user-centric product.

Based in Norway, Permafrost likes a challenge. They have created a range of different products, from spirits bottles to soccer goals, and their latest work turns to yet another area: baby furniture. Made for baby supply store Stokke, Permafrost’s seating system changes form, so that the same chair can support a child from infancy to early youth. The ergonomic design is made up of a washable seat cushion, a plastic seat and tray, and wooden legs with a natural, black, or white finish. The module functions as an infant recliner, a baby bouncer, a toddler’s highchair, and a kid’s chair with adjustable height, simplifying the job of keeping up with a growing child.

Photos: Johan Holmquist via Gessato Blog

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