Perfect Shades of Grey

, , , By Catherine

It is decidedly a monochrome kind of week (see the posts on Sunday and Monday)! Maybe it’s because Fall has arrived and that all I want is to transform my home into an enveloping cocoon… and grey is my color of choice right now. I am on the look out for interiors that inspire tranquility; interiors that are cozy, warm, and zen.

This place here falls right into this category! It is so stunning. It is simple and yet refined. The kitchen, with the grey cabinets, marble and brass accents is so sleek and beautiful. Talking about brass: The few touches throughout the apartment definitely add warmth to the look. Same thing for the wooden elements. Black accessories provide the right amount of contrasts. It is perfect. Each picture is a delight. Enjoy!


Shades-of-grey-01 Shades-of-grey-02 Shades-of-grey-03 Shades-of-grey-04 Shades-of-grey-05 Shades-of-grey-06 Shades-of-grey-07 Shades-of-grey-08 Shades-of-grey-09 Shades-of-grey-10 Shades-of-grey-11 Shades-of-grey-12


Photos: Alexander White



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