Bright and Light Apartment in Sweden

, , By Catherine

This lofty apartment will surely please fans of white interiors!
Crisp, fresh and bright. Only a few color accents were added to ground the look.

I think they did a great job styling the workspace. The desk with shelving units is by String Furniture, and the chair is by Eames for Herman Miller – A great combo, don’t you think?

And wouldn’t it be great to have a walking closet like this one (below), clean and organized, with enough room to fit a lounge chair? Pretty nice.

Enjoy the tour below.


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Immaculate-white-02 Immaculate-white-03
Immaculate-white-04 Immaculate-white-05
Immaculate-white-06 Immaculate-white-07

Photos: Entrance Makleri 



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