Oscar the dog

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Hans Bølling turns 80 years old today! To celebrate, Architectmade is introducing another of his gem – Oscar the dog.

As an avid animal lover, Hans Bølling designed Oscar in 1953. It is made ut of beech wood, while his ears and tail are made out of leather. With his adorable looks, complex design and flexible mobility, who could resist?

Morten T. Jensen, the CEO of Architectmade comments “Oscar completely embodies fun and playfulness of real life animals, while showing that at the same time modern design can also be fun, playful, soulful and can retain the highest level of craftsmanship”.

Oscar’s body can be arranged to make him sit, crawl, beg…

“A little temperamental, but always good-humored and loyal, Oscar embodies the comforting, familiar and relatable warmth of our favorite pets to whom we love returning over and over, while he also possesses the uncompromising quality of simple, yet sophisticated modern design.” – Architectmade

Photos: Architectmade






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