On The Wish List: Bølling Tray Table in Colors

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The iconic Tray Table, created by architect Hans Bølling in 1963 has always been a Scandinavian design must-have in my book, but now possibly more than ever.

The Danish modernist classic is now available in a brand-new palette of 14 colors. They were carefully selected in collaboration with the producer, Brdr. Krüger, and the 89-year-old designer.

The new hues are combined in harmonious pairs on 7 different, reversible trays, and they match the natural tones of the wood beautifully – Oak, smoked oak, beech or walnut.

The colours are named after Hans Bølling’s natural sources of inspiration:

Earth: Monochrome interplay with the wood natural shades, in beige and dark brown.

Sunny: Full-bodied warm ochre yellow and light shade of ivory.

Clay: Burnt tone in cognac hue, complimented by an off-black.

Water: Deep navy and light airy blue.

Leaf: Olive- and darker moss green.

Stone: Two matched shades of grey with warmth.

Base :The classic black and white variant, discreetly adjusted.

The Tray Table is a simple and highly functional table that can be used as a side table, nightstand or serving trolley. It proudly crafted at Brdr. Kruger’s own workshop in Værløse, Denmark, and it is made to last.

Now the tough choice – Which color would you pick?

Photos: Michael Rygaard for Brdr. Krüger


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