Norm Architects Present Inspiring Menu Space in Copenhagen

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Menu Space is a newly finished showroom, office and café located in the upcoming Copenhagen neighbourhood surrounding the harbour in Nordhavn. It is designed by Norm Architects for the Danish design house MENU.

The goal was to create a welcoming space where likeminded creative thinkers would gather to meet, exchange and collaborate. Everyone can stop by for a coffee, a meeting, or simply to have a closer look at the designs of Menu.

The interior is inspired by the raw and industrial setting of the neighbourhood. “It draws heavy inspiration from strong materials such as concrete and steel, which can be seen throughout the space. This use of natural and durable materials provides a beautiful contrast to the objects and designs that fill the plateaus, floors, and corners.”

I’m definitely stopping by next time I’m in Copenhagen!


Menu Space
Hamborg plads 2,
2150 Nordhavn, Copenhagen
Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm


Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-01 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-02 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-03 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-04 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-07Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-09 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-10 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-11 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-13 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-14 Norm-Architects-Inspiring-Menu-Space-in-Copenhagen-15


Photos: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm Architects




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